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We have been in business since 2003 and have established trust around the community when it comes to heating and air conditioning. Take a look at a few testimonials below to see what our customers are saying about us.


I really love Priory Heating and Air’s 24/7 emergency service. It can get very hot in my house even at night; so having the air conditioner running at night helps me sleep. My air conditioner had a breakdown some time ago. I ended up calling the company that installed my air conditioner the next day but they said that due to their backlog they won’t be able to bring someone in till next week. Knowing that I would have trouble sleeping without the air conditioner on, I went on the Internet and began searching for emergency air conditioner repair and that’s where I found Priory. The technician they brought over was very friendly and fixed my air conditioner within a couple of hours. I now go with Priory Heating and Air for my air conditioning needs.

R. Minter, Payroll Clerk

I’m not in the Heating and Air Conditioning industry myself so I’m always skeptical about sales associates trying to up sell me heating and cooling products that I have no need for. Priory Heating and Air was different, they asked me a ton of questions about my home and what I’m looking for. They then explained the technical terms of their products such as SEER rating and what a product being Energy Star certified really means and how it can be a solution to my home. I went in knowing nothing about heating and air conditioning to some kind of expert at the end of it. Priory Heating and Air provides great customer service and gives me the education I need to buy the right heating or air conditioning product for my home!

C. Kirk, Advertising Sales Agent

It was time to upgrade my furnace as I believed I was spending more money on heating bills than I was suppose to. I went in to Priory Air discussing my problem and they gave me a consultation. From discussing the dynamics of my home and which heating product would keep my house warm in the winter to helping me save on my energy bill, I knew they truly cared about their customers. After choosing a heating system that was right for me I began looking at my heating bills month over month during the winter and my heating bills dropped drastically compared to the year before. I can’t thank Priory Heating and Air enough for their help!

A. Fender, Physical Therapist